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Many representatives don’t pay enough attention to the values of their constituents.  Some politicians even move to town already intending to run for office BEFORE being part of the community long enough to know your concerns.  

When you vote to elect Joe Woyte, you'll be hiring him to represent our Colorado Springs values and address our community's concerns, including...



I support our local school boards, along with charter, private, and home schools, in exercising their right to direct curriculum, policy, budget, and security, and I'll champion parental rights in directing their children's education, whether that’s in public, private, charter, or home schooling.  

I will foster greater choice for families and work to improve school funding in Colorado.  The State government needs to do its part by fully funding its commitment to per pupil funding, by eliminating the so-called "Budget Stabilization" shortfall, commonly known as the B.S. factor. 

I will also champion legislation to create an Education Tax Credit for Coloradans.


I will promote local control of curriculum in accordance with the Colorado Constitution, and I'll oppose State and federal mandates imposing things like sex education of 1st graders and Critical Race Theory indoctrination.



I'll defend the right of Coloradans to choose OR DECLINE any provider, treatment, vaccine, or insurance for themselves, without fear of government interference or mandates.

I will champion the right of healthcare consumers in Colorado to make their own decisions in choosing medical practitioners and treatments.



Because confidence in our elections is critical to our Constitutional Republic, I support use of photo IDs to request a ballot, using auditable paper ballots, and ending the practice of ballot harvesting.  


I will ALWAYS stand for defending our citizens -- that's the most basic and important role of government! 

I've been rated "100% Pro-Life" by Colorado for Life. Because the right to life is the foremost of all human rights, I will defend the defenseless and work to end late-term and taxpayer-funded abortion in Colorado.


I will oppose infringements on our God-given rights, especially those that the Bill of Rights was written to protect.  This includes standing up to those who are undermining both the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II of the Colorado Constitution, which is why he's earned the endorsements of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) and Gun Owners of America (GOA), AND an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA)!


I understand that private property rights are the basis of free markets, so I oppose excessive regulations and support free market solutions & policy reforms to empower individuals & families and unchain small businesses

It's time we restore the U.S. to energy independence and once again make this country a net exporter of energy, starting by allowing drilling here in Colorado after Democrat imposed moratoriums over the past 3 years.

I believe that Coloradans have a right to work in both the public & private sectors without forced union membership & dues.

I'll defend the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, and work to eliminate the labeling of taxes as “fees” to circumvent TABOR.  

Because taxes and "fees" are too high already, I have signed the Colorado Union of Taxpayers' candidate & legislator "CUT PLEDGE" to the Citizens of Colorado, which can be viewed at

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